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5 Reasons Darts is The Best Family Game in 2021!

5 Reasons Darts is The Best Family Game in 2021!

The amazing game of Darts is Australia's Top Family Game of 2021 for these 4 reasons. 

1. It can be done at home!

Buy your own dartboard for as little as $25 and get out in your backyard or in your games room. 

2. It gets everyone involved!

This is a game that can be enjoyed by kids, parents and grandparents alike.

3. You can begin budget or go in for something really fancy!

Whether you're just getting started or you want something that will set you apart from your friends, darts is the best game for it. Easy to install, with designs that will have people wanting to know... "What's in that cabinet?"


4. There are amazing games for every skill level!

 There are lots of awesome games you can play with a Dartboard. My top 3 for Aussie Families just getting started are,

  • Round the Clock
    • This is played by trying to hit every number from 1 to 20 in order and beating the other people playing to finish and then (if you want it to be a little trickier) finish with hitting the single or double bull.
  • 20 to 1
    • This is a variation of Round the Clock, starting with the 20 and counting down. One extra twist is if you hit the Treble (Triple Score) or Double (Double Score) you move down 3 spots or 2 spots respectively. Again to increase the difficulty, finish with the Single or Double Bull.
  • Cricket
    • One of my families favourites to play versing Dartbot on Target's Dart Counter App. Click the Cricket link for a description as it takes a bit to understand the first couple of times, but once you've got it... What an awesome game to play.

There are many more awesome darts games, just click the link.

5. Darts isn't just a game... It's an intense SPORT played Globally!

 Just check this out and you will know what I mean.

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