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FORMULA Apex Darts - 97% Tungsten - 22g

FORMULA Apex Darts - 97% Tungsten - 22g - Darts Direct

FORMULA Apex Darts - 97% Tungsten - 22g

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 Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
22g 49.4mm 6.4mm
24g 49.4mm 6.7mm


The new 2020 release Formula Sports Australia Apex darts are manufactured from a 97% tungsten billet for extremely low volume to weight ratio meaning the darts can be made as narrow as possible for maximum grouping potential and decreased deflections.

These dart barrels are cut with an APEX grip which forms very narrow peaks providing high-end grip with a low contact patch which allows for easy release, they are then coated in a tough black titanium nitride finish with Aussie TRUE BLUE  reference rings for added durability and visual appeal.


  • 97% Tungsten Black Titanium Nitride Coated Barrels x 3
  • 47mm Black Medium Shafts x 3
  • 100 Micron Extra Tough Apex Flights x 3


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