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ONE80 Gladiator 2+ Stand & Accessories Premium Set

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What's Included:

1 x One80 Heavy-duty Tripod Stand
1 x One80 Gladiator 2+ Premium Dartboard
1 x One80 PU Dartboard Surround
12 x Premium Brass Darts - 2 Different Designs
12 x Strong Aluminium Shafts
21 x PVC Flights - 4 Different Designs
12 x Extra Shafts
1 x Dart Sharpener

The Details:

This is the ultimate darts bundle. The pack includes everything you'll need to not just get you started, this is a world class setup, used by professional dart players. Don't get us wrong, this is also perfect for family BBQs, the 'Man Cave' or a night in with friends and will provide you with many hours of entertainment. 

If you've got someone who you really want to spoil then this set makes a massive statement as a gift and will stand out above other gifts by far.

The Tripod:

  • Ideal for standard bristle dartboards - Perfect Partnered with the Gladiator 2+ Dart Board!
  • Adjustable height to 250cm with a locking pin to set it to the official standard.
  • Sturdy black steel frame with triangle base and non-slip rubber feet.
  • Collapsible for easy storage.

The Gladiator 2+ Dartboard:

  • Firmly packed bristle dart board made from 1st Grade Kenyan Sisal.
  • One80's Sword Edge Wire is one of the thinnest on the market practically eliminating bounce outs.
  • The sword edge wire is fixed to the backboard making sure its original position is maintained during the Gladiator 2's lifespan and Staple-free construction
  • Official size: 18"x1 & 1/2"
  • New and improved manufacturing processes ensure that the sisal sits perfectly straight on the backboard with no knots on it, this helps alleviate the hardening of the sisal over time and makes the Gladiator 2+ a super durable dart board.
  • Patented ferrule system at the backboard; an M5 bolt is fixed to the backboard meaning the bolt screw can be put in by hand and will sit straight.
  • Professional colouring fluid, which is highly absorbent gives the Gladiator 2+ a bright colouring without hardening the sisal
  • Grey number ring and spider, this matte grey chrome coating reduces light reflection and doesn't peel like paint when struck by darts keeping the number ring consistent.
  • Supplied with mounting bracket and instructions.

The Surround:

  • Will fit perfectly with your new dart board
  • Dimensions: Outer: 700mm x Inner: 460mm x Depth: 33mm
  • PU – Polyurethane – Injection Molded Protection Ring
  • High Density Material Holds Dart Points Securely
  • Protects surrounding area from surface marks and damage
  • Suitable for 45.72cm (18”) bristle dart boards with no fixings required (Standard/Official Size Dartboards)
  • 1 Piece

The Lazer Darts Pack:

This pack is the best value for money and includes the Ultimate Startup set of darts and accessories. 
  • Anti-loosening rubber ring joint
  • Accurate thumb positioning indents
  • 2BA Stainless steel matte surface point
  • Diamond knurled aluminum shaft
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flights
  • All darts are 18 grams and perfect for all levels of dart players
  • 4 Dart Sets (12 Darts in total - 3/Set)
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