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One80 Vice Lock Flight Punch Pack

One80 Vice Lock Flight Punch Pack

One80 Vice Lock Flight Punch Pack

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The infamous Robin Hood in darts strikes all too often when your groupings improve. It's especially frustrating when aiming for the Treble 20 and trying for 180.
This not only frustrates players with missing out on vital points when throwing at the Dartboard, but ruins your Shafts too. There have been many attempts to help with this problem over the years, but One80's solution is one of the BEST.

The VICE Lock System!

It doesn't get simpler and more cost effective than this. While designed by One80, this system will also work with Winmau, Harrows, Red Dragon, Unicorn, Shot, Target and many other shafts and flights, making it incredibly versatile.

Simply use the One80 Vice Lock Punch on any flight, position the Vice Lock in the hole and assemble the shaft and flight together.

This system helps to deflect darts away from the shaft of previously thrown darts and into your dartboard. It protects the vulnerable section of your shafts (stems) and helps to lock your flights into place, reducing loose flights and improving your flights rigidity in the dart shaft.
In this custom pack you will get,
  • 1 x One80 Vice Lock Punch
  • 1 x One80 Vice Locks Sets (3 Vice Locks)
  • 1 x One80 Vice Shafts Set (3 Shafts)
  • 1 x One80 Flights Set (3 Flights)
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