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4 Tips You Must Know Before Installing Your Dartboard!

Install and Setup for Your New ONE80 Dartboard and Cabinet.

Setting up your new dartboard can be a challenge if you don't know where to start. Using the straight forward steps and diagrams below, you can have your dartboard installed in no time at all.

Step 1 - Choosing a location

When choosing a location keep these things in mind.

  • Does the area have enough space? You will need a wall with at least 2 meters of clearance and in front of that a minimum of 3 meters of throwing distance.
  • What is the wall made of? Is it easy to fix the dartboard or cabinet to?
  • Is the area you are installing often walked through? Not a deal breaker, just to keep in mind.
  • Can you play there while others are around?

Step 2 - Measuring and Marking the height for mounting

  • Using the guide below, measure and mark (Using pencil) the wall where you want to install the board. 

ONE80 Darts Direct - Install and Setup of your new dartboard and cabinet

Step 3 - Attaching your cabinet or dartboard bracket to the wall.

When mounting your cabinet, you should make sure the screws and fixings you use are suitable for the surface you are mounting the board onto. 

  • Timber Screws (35 to 45mm length) for timber and Hardiplank 
  • 10kg Wallmates and Timber Screws (35 to 45mm length) for Gyprock
  • Wall plugs and Timber Screws (45 to 55mm length) for Brick

Boards generally come standard with Wood Screws and Wall Plugs, however, it's best to make sure you have spares available for your install.

NOTE: When fixing a cabinet to the wall, the interior dartboard bracket requires screws that go through the back of the cabinet. On brick walls drill pilot holes so these screws don't cause you board to sit out from the wall.

Step 4 - When Hanging your Dartboard,

  • Nail in all stabilising feet around the outside of the back of the dartboard at even intervals.
  • Make sure the center screw in the back of the dartboard allows for the dartboard stabilising feet.
  • When the board hangs on the bracket look for a firm fit. If it sits loose take it back down and tighten the center screw.

For personal help don't hesitate to message or call Dan from Darts Direct.

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