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Dartboard Surrounds: What they are and 5 reasons you should own one!

Dartboard Surrounds: What they are and 5 reasons you should own one!

In short, dartboard surrounds are a stylish way to protect your wall and your darts. They look great and are super versatile. The very nature of darts is throwing sharp objects at a target and unless you’re a professional you’re more than likely going miss the board once or twice (maybe a lot more). Most people play darts indoors or under cover whether that be in their house, shed, patio or entertaining area, any misdirected dart throws will inevitably cause damage to your wall and property as well damaging the tips of your darts. Many players use dartboard surrounds to counteract these issues. Dartboard surrounds fit around the back of a dartboard and sit snug around it. Their purpose is to protect your wall whenever a dart misses the target by catching the dart not allowing the dart to bounce back at you, fall to the floor or damage your wall. Surrounds are usually made from soft materials such as molded foam that help absorb the impact of a dart and stop it bouncing back off the wall.

Dartboard Surround - Darts Direct

So why get a dartboard surround? Well apart from the main 2 reasons of the surround in protection your darts and property there a several other reasons why having a surround is a good idea.

Number 3, Aesthetic; simply put, dartboard surrounds give your dartboard and darts visual appeal and makes your darting setup look more professional (similar to the professional dart tournaments around the world).

Number 4, surrounds are also extremely easy to setup and will fit snug around your dartboard.

Finally, number 5, they can be easily removed if needed.

Dartboard Surround on wall - Darts Direct

The cost of buying a dartboard surround depends on the brand and style you want, as well as the material and process of manufacturing. One of the better, more expensive dartboard surrounds is the One80 PU Dartboard Surround. This is a great choice of surround that is high quality, a single piece that will fir snug around your board. There are also many vibrant colours to choose from.

One80 PU Dartboard Surround - Darts Direct

A more budget friendly, but still great choice is the One80 EVA Dartboard surround. This is 4 piece surround that can be easily connected together to form the surround around your board. It comes in both black and red.

One80 EVA Dartboard Surround - Darts Direct

Additionally, if you’re needing an entire new setup including a new dartboard there are many options that include Surround Bundles such as the One80 Topscore Dartboard, Surround, 12 Brass Darts + Accessories or the Formula Micro Band 3 Dartboard, Surround & Darts Set. These sets including everything you’ll need to get you started including a great bristle dartboard, quality surround and several sets of darts as well as all the mounting brackets and screws.

ONE80 Topscore Dartboard, Surround, 12 Brass Darts + Accessories - Darts Direct


FORMULA Micro Band 3 Dartboard, Surround & Darts Set - Darts Direct

There are even special printed surrounds with logos of sport teams so if you’re wanting to enjoy your darts while supporting your favourite team there are plenty to choose from including AFL Licensed Adelaide Crows Dartboard Surround and AFL Licensed Richmond Tigers Dartboard Surround.

AFL Licensed Richmond Tigers Dartboard Surround - Darts Direct

In conclusion, dartboard surrounds are a fantastic, long lasting choice for protecting your wall, your wallet and yourself as well as adding to the great look of your darting setup.

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