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Deta Hedman (The Heart of Darts) one of ONE80's Best Players

Deta Hedman is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring darts players in the game. Her unwavering concentration and longevity in the sport are truly remarkable. With an impressive career spanning many years, she continues to amaze audiences with her skill and determination. You can find more about her incredible journey on her official website here.

One of my all-time favorite Deta moments is her match against Turner where she clinched victory with an incredible display of skill and composure. It's just one example of the many tournaments she's competed in over the years. Another amazing double match with Beau Greaves below showcases just how good she is.

Deta's line of ONE80 Darts is a must-see for any darts enthusiast. Particularly noteworthy are "The Dark Destroyers" with their straight barrel design and razor grip. This feature is especially beneficial for players with smaller hands, providing excellent control even under pressure, just like you see Deta handle in her matches.

Check out one of Deta Hedman's amazing darts here ONE80 Dart Set Deta Hedman | Darts Direct | Very High Density Tungsten | The Dark Destroyer.

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