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Datadart Omega Darts 26g Knurled - 80% Tungsten

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Datadart Omega Darts 26g Knurled – 80% Tungsten 

Omega Darts represent great value, choice and style, with an 80% tungsten barrel, a silver alloy shaft and the Datadart Flights. These darts suit competition level players.

These darts come presented as follows:

  • 3 x Datadart Omega 80% Tungsten Dart Barrels - 27g
  • 3 x Polycarbonate Glow Fade Shafts
  • 3 x Omega Flights
  • 1 x Snap-lock Darts Carry Case

Weights available:

Knurl 16g - Length 42.00mm Width 6.50mm

Knurl 18g - Length 43.39mm Width 6.52mm

Knurl 20g - Length 47.01mm Width 6.58mm

Ringed 21g - Length 50.5mm Width 6.4mm

Ringed 22g - Length 45.95mm Width 7.37mm

Knurl 22g - Length 45.95mm Width 7.37mm

Ringed 23g - Length 42.82mm Width 8.07mm

Ringed 24g - Length 45.70mm Width 7.10mm

Knurl 24g - Length 45.95mm Width 7.37mm     

Ringed 25g - Length 50.84mm Width 7.18mm

Knurl 26g - Length 50.98mm Width 7.31mm

Ringed 26g - Length 51.00mm Width 7.18mm

Ringed 27g - Length 45.85mm Width 8.00mm

Ringed 28g - Length 48.40mm Width 8.00mm

Ringed 29g - Length 51.01mm Width 7.77mm

Knurl 30g - Length 48.50mm Width 8.15mm      

Ringed 30g - Length 50.95mm Width 8.00mm

Ringed 32g - Length 51.07mm Width 8.00mm

Knurl 32g - Length 51.07mm Width 8.00mm


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