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SHOT Roman Empire Ballista Darts - 90% Tungsten - 23g

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SHOT Roman Empire Ballista Darts - 90% Tungsten - 23g

Break down the walls in the way of victory. 

Once the Roman’s most advanced piece of military technology, the Ballista was designed to launch missiles and smash through fortress walls during a siege. Ballista’s powerful 90% tungsten dart barrel will help you reduce even the most formidable opponents to rubble. Accurate at a distance, this straight dart set features the Testudo and Hilt grips to get the job done, then coated in durable bronze titanium. 


23g 53.7mm 6.30mm
24g 53.7mm 6.40mm
25g 50.0mm 6.50mm


All the Ballista steel tip barrels are an ultra-long 53.7 mm - with the diameter the only change in each weight. The most aggressive design in the Roman Empire range, it features a tapered cone nose barrel nose for tight grouping. This is followed by the first of two areas of defensive Testudo grip, named for the ‘tortoise’ shield-wall formation, used by legionaries to protect themselves against enemy archers. A multi-directional version of the Hilt grip then intersects this, which serves as finger placements along the barrel and offers positive control.

Ballista is a great dart set for those with wide finger placements, and who prefer a longer straighter dart with multi-reference points.  Finished in a rich bronze Titanium coating for strength and beauty.

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