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All Dartboards are Equal... Right?

There are 3 Main Types of Dartboards to Consider

Compressed Paper, Bristle & Electronic Boards

Paper Dartboard: Compressed paper dartboards are designed to be an inexpensive bit of fun. If you don’t know anything about darts and are unsure if it’s a sport you will enjoy a paper dartboard is the go for you. They’re a perfect option for familiarising yourself with the game. Paper Dartboards can last for months especially if you're only having a couple of dart sessions a week, however, overtime the board will begin to look tacky and the surface will deteriorate further with every dart thrown.

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Bristle Dartboards: Bristle Dartboards are made from fibres called Sisal and range in quality depending on where the Sisal is sourced. African Sisal being the highest quality, followed by Brazilian Sisal and then the rest. The sisal fibres are processed and lined up to create a long thread about 5 inches in diameter and then sliced into 2-inch thick biscuits. These are compressed next to each other in a steel ring which maintains the circular shape. At this point the dartboard is coloured using a variety of inks (customarily black, red & green). Finally the ‘spider’, the segments of the dartboards scoring areas, are attached. This is either stapled or embedded into the sisal. The highest quality dartboards use firmly packed sisal and an embedded sword edge or bladed spider.

Bristle Dartboards can self heal from the impact of darts, due to the sisal fibres moving back into place with more throws and will last up to 300,000 throws for the high-quality boards. These boards are made to stand the test of time and look great for many years of use.

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Electronic Dartboards: Electronic Dartboards (Otherwise known as Soft Tip Dartboards) are becoming more and more popular with their built in scoring and huge numbers of games. They are versatile and allow the user to play against the inbuilt computer and some even allow online play with others around the world. The soft tip darts that are used on them require you to have spare tips as these break with us and miss hits. They are available in bulk packs of 50 for less than $15 AUD.

The dartboards themselves require batteries or a power source to operate and detect the soft tip darts when they hit the small holes in each scoring area.

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