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Wrong! There are 3 Main Types to Consider Compressed Paper, Bristle & Electronic Boards Paper Dartboard: Cheap compressed paper dartboards are designed to be an inexpensive bit of fun. If you don’t know anything about darts and are unsure if it’s a sport you will enjoy a paper dartboard is the go for you. They’re a perfect option for familiarising yourself with the game. Paper Dartboards can last for months especially if you're only having a couple of dart sessions a week, however, overtime the board will begin to look tacky and the surface will deteriorate further with every dart...

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I recently purchased One80’s Dartboard Merit for a friend who was interested in seeing what all the fuss was about regarding darts and the growing darting community around Australia. She was as sceptical about darts as was I about the type of quality I’d be getting from a board advertising itself as one for beginners. I think we were both rather surprised in a way. After trying out some of the games that are described in detail on the box, to say that she became hooked rather quickly is a bit of an understatement. I’m talking to the point where...

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