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ONE80’s Dartboard Merit, The Best Beginner Dartboard Out There?

I recently purchased One80’s Dartboard Merit for a friend who was interested in seeing what all the fuss was about regarding darts and the growing darting community around Australia. She was as sceptical about darts as was I about the type of quality I’d be getting from a board advertising itself as one for beginners. I think we were both rather surprised in a way. After trying out some of the games that are described in detail on the box, to say that she became hooked rather quickly is a bit of an understatement. I’m talking to the point where I was almost questioning whether maybe I’d made a mistake buying it for her because now I’m constantly getting pestered to play ‘Around The World’ & ‘Cricket’, (popular dart games). The woman needs to download a damn dart-bot, I mean dart-bots are a story for another day but even still, she needs one. The board itself is better than what you’d expect from a dartboard on the cheaper side, despite being a compact hard paper board and not one made from sisal, it holds up well and we’re still getting hours of fun from it. It’s getting an absolute workout from my friend but still holding together quite well. The darts certainly aren’t the best but function as desired and actually play well to the hard paper boards. Another cool feature about the Merit is that it’s double sided with a standard layout on the front and a target on the back so even after one side is starting to get worn just flip it and try some new game types. The Merit dartboard is sturdy, functional and has a metal hanging bracket that is easily attached to any mounting hook. So, is the One80 Merit the best dartboard out there? No. But is it a great beginner/muck around board? 100% Yes. And I would argue it’s the best hard paper board out there. Be prepared for hours of fun having beers and throwing darts with your friends and family with this board. Though maybe keep the beers to a minimum when throwing those darts okay guys. ;)

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