One80's Ice Dragon | One of the Sleekest Looking Darts Out There

Ever since getting my set of Ice Dragons my passion for the great game of darts has continued to grow. Just like a guitarist who finally gets the satisfaction of playing their brand new Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster, I too am getting so much out of these awesome tungsten darts. The combination of the Deep blue, tungsten barrel with the stylish, white snow flights makes for a great looking dart. They pack a punch too. I went for the 26 gram variety because I like my darts on the heavier side as a personal preference, however they come in four weights, (20, 22, 24 & 26 grams). Being made from tungsten allows the barrels to remain slim and sleek while having the ability to hold more weight when compared to less dense metals and alloys such as brass. I keep kicking my housemate's butt with these darts, I think he's going to order a set for himself, we'll see if they help him. 

Okay, long story short, I think you can figure out what I think of these darts, but you decide for yourself. I have linked a video that shows the One80 Ice Dragons up close. Happy darting!

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